Michael Land: The Curse of Monkey Island (Mega Monkey edition soundtrack)

The Curse of Monkey Island
music by Michael Land

The mad wish to extract audio files from Monkey Island 3 and present them in a listenable fashion was born from the disappointment that there were no (for me) satisfactory releases out there. There is — should I say “of course”? — no official album around, so I had to browse the whole game for usable music and sounds like everyone before me. But this — I hope — definitive “Mega Monkey edition” contains every tune you might have missed from other people's attempts to present the soundtrack and it retains the highest possible quality.

For those who don't want to listen to the two-and-a-half-hour score, I also included “essential” playlists, which also might be useful when preparing something like an audio CD...

There is also a “lo-fi” version, as the source files were of mediocre quality.

While downloading, why not have a look at the show-off track list below or listen to a 55-minutes selection on Soundcloud?

show-off tracklist...

10:27Choose Your Destiny
20:30The Monkeys are listening...
30:50Deep in the Caribbean
41:19Captain's Log
52:07Main Titles
60:11Part I – The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck
91:40Firing the Cannon
111:02LeChuck's Booty
120:14Part II – The Curse Gets Worse
131:22The Fort
141:04We're Closed
151:13Voodoo Swamp, part 1
161:11Voodoo Swamp, part 2
171:13Voodoo and Things
180:28Elaine Gets Kidnapped
192:11The Voodoo Lady
200:55Inside the Voodoo Lady's
211:34Outside the Voodoo Lady's
221:31Plunder Island
230:08Clock Tower Bells
241:27Puerto Pollo
251:04Rehearsal and Preparation
270:48Guybrush Shares Too Much
282:06The Barbery Coast “...where every haircut is an adventure!”
292:06Edward ‘Snugglecakes’ Van Helgen
300:06Guybrush Sings
310:19Choose Your Weapon
320:33Banjo Solo
332:07Cutthroat Bill
342:06Heart Liver 'n' Kidney Boiled in the Stomach of the Animal McMutton
350:18Losing the Caber Tossing
360:22Blowing Up a Rubber Tree
370:30Winning the Caber Tossing
382:06Captain René Rottingham, the most cunning and well-groomed captain ever to sail the Caribbean
390:33Rottingham Gets Shaved
412:12Brimstone Beach Club/Palido Domingo
420:09Hot Sand
430:40Snake Crossing
442:10In the Belly of the Massive Man-Eating Snake
450:57Quicksand (edit)
461:27Danjer Cove
470:52Row Boat
481:07Alongside the Sea Cucumber
491:17On the Deck of the Sea Cucumber
501:02Mr. Fossey
511:13Monkeys of the Sea Cucumber
521:29Blondebeard's Chicken Shoppe
530:05El Pollo Diablo
551:32Slappy Cromwell's Speare: A Theatrical Medley
570:21To Blood Island
580:12Part III – Three Sheets to the Wind
592:48Captain Rottingham Attacks
604:30A Pirate I Was Meant to Be
620:57Sea Map
631:22Ship Combat
650:53Weak Insult
660:51I'm Shaking
670:19Losing a Swordfight
680:46All Lessons Learned
690:48I Am Rubber, You Are Glue
700:19Winning a Swordfight
711:25Kenny Falmouth's Arms Trade
720:52Fighting Rottingham
730:19The Map Recovered
740:13Part IV – The Thief, the Barkeep, His Aunt and Her Lover
750:31A Storm Approaching
760:59Wreck of the Sea Cucumber
773:22Blood Island
801:41Cannibal Village
830:41Human-Like Sacrifice to Sherman the Volcano God
840:41Mount Acidophilus Erupts
851:23Hotel Exteriors
861:52The Goodsoup Plantation Resort Hotel and Casino
871:54Hotel Bar
881:47Madame Xima
891:53Griswold Goodsoup
920:44Passing Out
930:36I'm Not Dead
940:53Mutual of Stan
951:51Goodsoup Family Crypt
960:43Return to Mêlée Island
971:37The Story of Charles DeGoulash & Minerva Stroneheim-Goodsoup, Baroness of Borscht
980:31Scaring Mort the Grave Digger
993:26The Lost Welshman
1000:13Arriving at Skull Island
1010:55Skull Island
1020:35Falling Off the Cliff
1031:33King André, the Smuggler King
1040:30Effete LaFoot to the Rescue
1050:11Part V – The Kiss of the Spider Monkey
1061:13LeChuck's Sinister Stories
1070:09Time Out, Young Man
1085:00Carnival Of The Damned
1090:23Growing Up Again
1100:11Part VI – Guybrush Kicks Butt... Again
1111:00Diorama With Rope
1120:29LeChuck Attacks
1131:00Captain Marley, Rum Roger, Rapp Scallion & Young Lindy
1140:29LeChuck Attacks Again
1151:00Dimly Lit Torture Scene
1160:29...And Again!
1171:01Snow Ape
1180:29...And Once Again...
1190:38Just Married
1205:47End Titles