Michael Land et alii: Escape from Monkey Island (EP)

Escape from Monkey Island
music by Clint Bajakian, Michael Land & Peter McConnell

Excerpt from the CD “Best of LucasArts” which is the only source for “Escape from Monkey Island” music free of sound effects.

The Monkey Island Theme is the recording used in both “The Curse of” and “Escape from Monkey Island”, although the version in “Curse” features around 25 seconds more music. In the game “Escape from Monkey Island” itself, the piece is even shorter.

11:40Monkey Island Theme
21:40Scumm Bar
33:23The Mystes of Tyme
41:26Pegnose Pete's Hideout
52:29Underwater Lagoon
62:25Marco de Pollo

For the full in-game soundtrack (128 kbps MP3s) go to LucasArts Soundtracks.