Michael Land et alii: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
music by Clint Bajakian, Michael Land & Peter McConnell

The music to Monkey Island 2 really is a masterwork but the full score can be a bit boring sometimes. This is a little guide on how to make a listenable “short” 80-minutes album with all the essential themes. This might be helpful to burn an audio CD or record a MD or something...

You have to download the excellent soundtrack recorded from a real Roland MT-32 made available by Soundtrack Island and cut it down to this ...

2Largo LaGrande
4Scabb Island
5The International House of Mojo
6The Cemetery
7Voodoo Doll & LeChuck's Beard
8Where Do You Wanna Go?
9LeChuck's Fortress
10Ville de la Booty
11Stan's Previously Owned Coffins
12Booty Island
13The Guardhouse
14Governor Phatt
17Wheel of Fortune
18If This is Three...
20Rum Roger
22Rapp Scallion
23The Mad Cook
24Elaine's Party
26Dreaming of Bones
27Captain Capsize
28Wally's Kidnapped!
30Torture and Escape
36Losing a Leg
37Amusement Park

I also provide a playlist you can simply put to where your Monkey Island 2 audio files reside. Then you just have to drop that playlist to an audio player of your choice.