Michael Land et alii: The Secret of Monkey Island (19th anniversary edition soundtrack)

The Secret of Monkey Island
music by Michael Land and others*

40 minutes of pure nostalgia! Being unsatisfied with the audio quality and sequencing of existing releases, I took the enhanced CD version of the game and tried to make a listenable experience out of it. I also added the PC speaker version of the main titles to the album. The track list (below) and its song titles are different to other releases but I included alternative names of the pieces in the liner notes/comments of the FLAC files (and as tooltips on this page) to keep the confusion low. This “19th Anniversary Edition” tries to serve the audiophile as well as the completist.

11:36Deep in the Caribbean...
21:03The Lookout
42:19The SCUMM™ Bar
51:33Meanwhile/LeChuck's Theme
72:03Stalking the Shopkeeper
82:07Mêlée Island™
92:17The Fettucini Brothers
102:04Treasure Huntery
111:10Guybrush & Elaine
120:17LeChuck Captures Elaine
132:36Smilin' Stan's
152:28The Journey
162:37Monkey Island™
172:16The Cannibal Village
192:03Ghost Ship
201:57The Church
212:02Guybrush Kicks Butt
223:45Talking to Elaine
231:13Introduction (PC speaker version)

Another very interesting release of “The Secret of Monkey Island” — a Roland MT-32 version — can be found on the Soundtrack Island. For the full PC speaker version go here.

*) other composers involved in the making of the soundtrack: Barney Jones, Andy Newell & Patrick Mundy.