Michael Land et alii: The Secret of Monkey Island (monophony EP)

The Secret of Monkey Island
music by Michael Land and others*

13 minutes of painful nostalgia! By popular request I recorded the PC speaker version to present it here. No emulators have been used.

11:12Deep in the Caribbean...
32:26LeChuck's Theme
41:41Mêlée Island™
51:41The Fettucini Brothers
60:05The Machine!
70:23Guybrush & Elaine, part 1
83:04Guybrush & Elaine, part 2
92:15Ghost Ship
100:03Raiders March (composed by John Williams)

Another very interesting place to look for Monkey Island soundtracks is the Soundtrack Island. It hosts — among others — a true Roland MT-32 version and an Amiga version of “The Secret of Monkey Island”. For the CD audio version go here.

*) other composers involved in the making of the soundtrack: Barney Jones, Andy Newell & Patrick Mundy.